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From Fishermen To Rice Farmer Tour

Additional Info

  • Location: Cam Thanh Ecological Village
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Tour runs: Minimum 2 persons. Maximum on request
  • Departure time: 8:30 A.M
  • Booking:

Tour Summary

Hoi An is one of the best places in Viet Nam for those who love exploring the countryside area, just a short distance from your hotel, you can see the spectacular countryside sceneries with farming and fishing activities.It's easy for you to see these activities in the countryside of Hoi An. As the local family Operator,we would like to offer you a chance to take part in the local people activities by designing a day trip named : From Fishermen To Rice Farmer Tour...This unique tour provides you a true experience about vietnamese daily life activities, helps you to understand more about the Vietnamese rural culture and enrich your trip experiences.

Full Intinerary

I  will pick you up at your hotel'  loppy around   8 AM by Bike (in Hoi An area)

Biking  to  my  Rice Farming  Village of  Cam Thanh  .On the way you will go through picturesque countryside roads  with the rice field, water coconut forest, shrimp or fish  farm...you will have opportunity to witness local Vietnamese rural life ,you can get up close and personal with the daily life of them.( 1 hour)

Reach my house, be welcome with green tea and wet tissues. Following, be explained about the whole process of wet rice cultivation and answer any question related to farming life that you may have. (30 minutes)

Then wearing farming clothes, hat  before getting into muddy rice field near by to work as a real farmer  with friendly water buffalo , you also have a chance to enjoy a buffalo riding on the field for photo.

The next step, local famer will demonstrate the whole process of wet rice growing with buffalo as following steps:

            Scooping water by traditional way to make the soil to be soft

ploughing soil to make it to be soft and porous

Harrowing soil to make it to be flat

Then, we transplanting rice by hand, and show you harvesting techniques

Now, it is time for you to have a go with farmer’ help, these activities will help you have a real touch to our rice farming daily life.

Go back to my house , taking a rest and enjoy a glass of passion juice.then learn how to making white rice (Rice product ready to use in Viet Nam ) by traditional way with some old hand machine in my house:

Firstly,Husking the rice to have brown rice - winnowing to separate brown rice from husk – sifting and pounding brown rice  to be white rice - grinding white rice to have rice flour, and cooking rice pancake from rice flour.You will join with my family a short rice pancake cooking class - Last  step is :Enjoy the Lunch  with some specialties of our village : Tam Huu (three friends ), Deep Fried Spring Rolls (Vegetarian style), Local rice pancake serve with fresh organic salad and home made fish Sauce, Steamed rice, Fish, shrimp,pork, Season fruits

After Rice Farming  activity, From 1P.M  we continue biking to   Fishing village  (it takes 10 minutes of biking)

When we arrive at Fishing Village, Meet a local fishing family,Lean about daily life of vietnamese fishermen,their custom and community (20 minutes) 

You will board our boat to take you onto the river and head downstream towards our first fishing destination.The local fisherman will show you the method of catching fish that is to throw a circular cast net into the river from a small boat.After being taught how it is done it will be your turn. (1 hour ) 

The next part of our adventure is to fish using a huge square net that is set on the river bed which is then winched up, trapping the fish as it rises.with the help of another couple of local fisherman you will get to operate the bamboo and wooden winch and collect the fish inside that net through a hole at the bottom. (1 hour )

Following, we will change the fishing boat for small round bamboo basket boat and head into the nipa palm forest where we have opportunities to catch small crabs by fishing rod

- Rowing basket boat through these small and beautiful channel, guest come to inside of the nipa palm forest, see these tree growing together as well as some products from this tree by our staff for souvenir. ( 30 minutes )

Biking back to the your hotel  around 4 P.M - with a small group the Tour will finish sooner. 


Tour package includes:

  • Local Hoi An hotel pick-up and return
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Bicycles
  • Helmets
  • Fishing village visit
  • Hoi An Ecotourism boat-cruise (life jackets provided)
  • Fishing with local fishermen
  • Coconut palm waterways visit
  • Basket boat 
  • Hands-on wet-rice farming experience (farming outfits supplied)
  • Water buffalo ride 
  • Lunch with local rice-farming family
  • Many photo opportunities.



  1. Tour is Seat-In-Coach (SIC/Join-In-Tour) with a small group.
  2. In event of bad weather, tour will be cancelled. Full refund if it not done.
  3. Booking required - minimum 24 hours prior
  4. Children 4 years-and-under : free; 5 -11 years :50%; 12 years-and-over : adult rate.
  5. Children rate applies only when sharing with 2 paying adults.

Price & Booking

Tour price: 1.300.000 VND Per Pax

  • Children under 4: F.O.C; and from 5 -11 half of the adult price. Children rate applies only when sharing with 2 paying adults.
  • In case of bad weather, tour will be cancelled. full refund if not done
  • Booking tours required at least 24 hours in advance

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Hoi An Eco Tourism

Address: Vong Nhi Hamlet, Cam Thanh Village, Hoi An City, Viet Nam
Phone/Zalo/WhatsApp: +84 905 440 249 (Mr Hoang)
Email: hoianecotourism@gmail.com


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