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The Farming Life Experience Tour

Everywhere in Vietnam you can see rice. Vietnamese people eat rice everyday in their meals. Rice is part of their life and it reflects the Vietnamese culture ...


Riding a Buffalo pulling Cart

The water-buffalo is known as The BMW of Viet Nam. Our BMW-powered Pulling Cart is attractively designed with a thatched roof and rustic bamboo decoration and soft-back seating...


The Fishing Life Experience Tour

Cam Thanh nipa palm forest is about 7 hactare, located in a peacefull village, opposite to Cua Dai Estuary, 5 km far from Hoi An City, During the American war ...


From Fishermen To Rice Farmer Tour

The local geographical setting of wetlands and floodplains bordered by rivers and sea explains why fish and rice - which both grow in water...


From Vegetable Farmer To Fishermen

Our Farming & Fishing Life Tour provides you with a close-up and intimate exposure to both the local farming and fishing communities. Accompanied by your tour guide...


Countryside Bike Tour And Home Cooking

On this tour, you will enjoy a lot of experiences : from the local market where you will purchase some ingredients for cooking class...

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Hoi An Eco Tourism

Address: Vong Nhi Hamlet, Cam Thanh Village, Hoi An City, Viet Nam
Phone/Zalo/WhatsApp: +84 905 440 249 (Mr Hoang)
Email: hoianecotourism@gmail.com


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